Veganuary so far!

Veganuary so far!


It’s not too late to sign up for Veganuary 2020. Even at this late stage, signing up and trying veganism for the remainder of Veganuary is still a worthwhile experience, and one that will still do good for animals, the planet, your fellow humans, and your own health. 

Already this year, a record-breaking 350,000 people have signed up and it is anticipated that many others will sign up before Veganuary is over. 

Some of the success this year is undoubtedly a result of veganism gathering momentum in recent times; however, it’s also possible that some of the increased success may be due to the new ad campaign.

Veganuary’s new “Instinct” TV spot is extraordinarily powerful and may have inspired more non-vegans than usual to give veganism a trial run.